Italian Local Experiences and Activities

Lovely Italy has some sunny cities, places where history comes back to life, a mouth-watering cuisine, so you’ll surely love the private experiences with locals we have going for you, including an exclusive taste of the city, hidden gems and home dinners. Eliminate the overcrowded tour buses and stereotypical activities by attending dining experiences prepared for those looking to roam Rome like a local, and pursuing some of the fantastic and authentic experiences and things to do differently as a traveler. Safely book an authentic experience provided by local experts who can earn by sharing their lifestyle.


When in Rome, do as the Romans do, so immerse yourself fully and engage in authentic experiences offered by low-cost travel options, by friendly locals who might invite you into their home.


  1. Dive into the history like an Italian student

Ostia Antica is an ancient Rome town, where you can visit some magnificently decorated “terme” and your local guide will show you all the captivating secrets and share stories about this multi-ethnic place.


  1. The Best of Florence: Pick one of the locals available

Have some drinks, antipasti & wine, and then visit local squares & churches through the eyes of a local, as Florence is a city where everything has a history but what you don’t know is that there are some hidden gems. Discover Frorence’s highlights, by enjoying a local lunch just for you and your local host who will tailor everything for you and uncover its secret stories. Get ready to hear the story behind the cathedral de Santa Maria del Fiore, discover the mystery around a gothic church and take a glance at the masterpiece of David which has been protecting the entrance for ages.


  1. Plan a unique tour with a local host in Rome

You’ll hear more about the real Roman lifestyle and the non-touristy Rome with less chaos and small boutiques, so take a look at the places that inspired some of the most popular movies, and let your imagination go wild in order to have the experience you’re looking for.


  1. Explore the seas traversed by the Ancient Greeks

It is difficult to describe the sensations you will experience when, in the historical Port of Syracuse, you will get a view of the coast with its ancient walls, from an exclusive vantage point. A day in pursuit of adventure is what will set you out to uncover the hidden beauties of the Ionian Sea in an afternoon which will leave you enchanted while sailing around Sicily. In a mask, you will be ready for a dive and discover this fantastic location, after arriving at a bay in the proximity of the Maniace Castle, which will leave your eyes full of wonder, offering a great opportunity for discovery.


  1. Experience the UNESCO-listed Cinque Terre

Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, this tour lets you check out the highlights as you complete a 3.4-mile route in a day hiking trip from Florence, with spectacular coastal views, while soaking up the old-world atmosphere.

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