Tourist Guide for a Holiday in Siena & Beyond

You can experience all the sights of Siena, one of Europe’s best preserved medieval towns, without breaking the bank, although Tuscany has a pricey rep. Siena is likely Italy’s loveliest medieval city, and is heart is its central piazza known as Il Campo, with a horse race run two times every summer, featuring in the James Bond movie. You can do all you want, but it’s not the only way to see Tuscany, so go off the beaten track if you don’t want to see the same amazing sights as everyone else, and you don’t even need to pack your pop-up tent.


Tuscany’s city rivals Florence, so go now to enjoy its fewer visitors in the Campo, where you’ll find Europe’s finest medieval square, Italy’s most dramatic historical spectacle and central Italy’s most beautiful Cathedral, as well as galleries which could keep you busy for weeks. Piazza del Campo has been the center of life in Siena and every year the famous Palio Horse Race takes place here, where the Sienese gathered during important political events and celebrations. Siena is one of the most famous Italian cities for its Palio that takes place twice a year and for the historic city which is listed as a world heritage site, filled with beautiful places to visit, so don’t miss out, on our selection of monuments and buildings.


The Central Tuscany hills are unmissable, but the medieval San Gimignano is a tourist magnet. The city of Siena sits over three hills with its heart where the Roman forum used to be, and the nine sections of the fan-like brick pavement represent the Madonna’s cloak, while the Campo is dominated by the red Palazzo Pubblico, along with the Duomo of Siena, built during the same period of rule. While never as overrun as Florence, by October, the Sienese are reclaiming their streets, and the gentle warmth of the Tuscan autumn can be seen in the arrival of seasonal specialities and the first winter truffles, while Montalcino and and Bolgheri wines are available year-round.


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