What to see and do in Siena on a Budget

Siena has one of the most beautiful medieval cityscapes and it’s a surprisingly inexpensive place, if you intend to stick to the city, so here are our tips for a few days here. Siena is one of the most popular places located in the heart of Tuscany, extremely rich in art, tied to the famous Palio di Siena, with a city center which is closed to traffic. There is a variety of options for getting out of the city as many travelers choose Siena as a base to experience the liveliness of city life as well as the more rural areas, by looking for cheap day trips.


The Piazza del Campo can be found beneath the grand Palazzo Pubblico which offers amazing views over the city while the Duomo, black-and-white-striped, has a breathtaking interior, with blue vaulted roof, and remarkable floor panels. Fear not, if going to Siena without a car, we suggest finding information on the various ways to get there, and be aware that a day in Siena is certainly not enough to visit all of its treasures.  Siena is our favorite European city and it’s not hard to see why, so let’s see how to stay on budget.


If you have the time in Tuscany, visit Siena and go straight into the heart of the city, to one of the landmarks, and then head towards the Duomo, to check out the main attractions located between them.



There is just one one-star hotel, the Albergo Tre Donzelle, and the city’s youth hostel, but you get far more options when you start looking at three-star accommodation, such as the Hotel Alma Domus in a converted medieval wool works, with rooms with the best views in the €80-90 region.



In 1554 The Duchy of Florence defeated Siena and because of this, the gothic structures were not replaced with Renaissance ones.



Siena’s origins date back to the first century AD so if you walk along the main street which leads to Banci Di Sopra, you’ll discover Roman evidence, so look out for dappled red bricks to discover a Roman construction technique.



It is truly unique with its bricks pavement and standing at the center of the square, you can experience, twice a year, the famous Palio di Siena, an exciting event by all of the citizens. Fonte Gaia, as we can see today is a copy made in marble much stronger than the marble of the Montagnola, as the ancient fountain has been restored, and among the buildings overlooking Piazza del Campo, you will see the imposing Palazzo Comunale (the city’s Town Hall) which houses the Civic Museum with the beautiful and quite spectacular Majesty by Simone Martini.



You can enter through the Porta Franca, immediately diving into the heart of the main square, which features the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Monteriggioni is one of the most quintessential medieval Tuscan villages, built on a hill in the 13th century as a strategic point for controlling the nearby stretch.

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